An opportunity for change

Relationships are where we often struggle the most, but where we find happiness and refuge as well. Working with a therapist is an opportunity to examine unhealthy patterns and stuck places within the context of a healthy and supportive relationship. It is also an opportunity to learn ways to calm the mind, to support the body, and to change behaviors that do not serve us well.

My approach

My approach to therapy is collaborative and supportive, with the goal of helping my clients develop both stability and flexibility in how they approach life’s challenges. When you are stable as well as flexible, you are strong. All of us want to belong, to be seen and loved, to have happy and healthy relationships, and to be respected for who we truly are. I will work with you to get closer to these goals by helping you see patterns, gain insight, develop new habits, and make measurable changes. My ultimate goal is to empower you through our work. I look forward to meeting you and hearing how I can help you.